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Colaborarea a fost cea foarte buna,seriozitate ,respect,punctualitate unde mai rar se intalneste in ziua de astazi. Multumim pt colaborare si produsele furnizate.

Carmen Balas


Tablouri pompe monofazate seria QM BT cu protectie lipsa apa


- N° 1 facility for wiring in a pump controller
(float switch, pressure switch, etc.);
- N° 3 facilities for wiring in level probes
(2 with timed, automatic reset) that can
also be used with one or two float switches.
- Bipolar, luminous thermal protector switch;
- Electronic level control;
- Led light for: run and level cut-out;
- Low-voltage auxiliary circuits.
- Plastic casing;
- Protection degree IP 40 on request IP 55;
- Ambient temperature -5/+40 ºC;
- Dimensions: 190x140x70 mm

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