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Folosim pompe inca din 1995. Si din ce am folosit pina acum putem spune ca pompele submersibile BBC sunt cele mai reziste la nisipul din apa.

Primarie comuna, jud. Bacau


Tablouri automatizare pompe submersibile AM - AT


- N° 1 facility for wiring in a pump controller
(float switch, pressure switch, etc.);
- N° 3 facilities for wiring in level probes
(2 with timed, automatic reset) that can
also be used with 1 or 2 float switches.
- Opening interlocked;
- Low-voltage auxiliary circuits (24 V) with fuses;
- Run contactor;
- Thermal relay for motor protection;
- Set of fuses for motor protection;
- Electronic level control by means of a microprocessor;
- HAND-OFF-AUTO selector switch;
- Led lights for: power, motor running, thermal cut-out
and level cut-out.
- Plastic casing;
- Protection degree IP 55;
- Ambient temperature -5/+40 ºC;
- Dimensions: 220x300x120 mm.

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