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Folosesc o electropompa submersibila BBC de mai bine de 3 ani si functioneaza ca in prima zi. Am ales sa montez pachetul complet cu tablou de automatizare si protectie lipsa apa. Recomand produsele si societatea - seriosi si prompti.



Tablouri automatizare pompe submersibile AM - AT


- N° 1 facility for wiring in a pump controller
(float switch, pressure switch, etc.);
- N° 3 facilities for wiring in level probes
(2 with timed, automatic reset) that can
also be used with 1 or 2 float switches.
- Opening interlocked;
- Low-voltage auxiliary circuits (24 V) with fuses;
- Run contactor;
- Thermal relay for motor protection;
- Set of fuses for motor protection;
- Electronic level control by means of a microprocessor;
- HAND-OFF-AUTO selector switch;
- Led lights for: power, motor running, thermal cut-out
and level cut-out.
- Plastic casing;
- Protection degree IP 55;
- Ambient temperature -5/+40 ºC;
- Dimensions: 220x300x120 mm.

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